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Cultural institutions

Timisoara is a powerful national and cultural centre, ensuring its inhabitants and visitors a cultural offer extremely valuable and diversified.

The inhabitants of Timisoara perceive culture as a facet of the social reality, necessary in order to regenrate the spirirtual energies of the community, and in the same time, as a factor that changes the urban area into an open intelectual one, with a proclivity to the world.

Culture has an unconfusable and attractive character to the tourists as well as to the natives, that seek for that peculiarity within the cultural manifestations that could transform their visit into a memorable experience.

The idea of Open Art City is more and more promoted in Timisoara, as besides the already consecrated events throughout the year, art is also taken to unconventional areas and to the streets, giving a new meaning to these events.

The main institutions  and cultural associations that define the cultural life in Timisoara, are:

The National Romanian Operafounded in 1946, shapes a classical lyric repertoire, addressed to an initiated audience. On the tours made abroad, the Opera became the representative prolocutor of Timisoara’s culture.



2, Mărăşeşti St.

Ticket agency:
Tel: 0256 / 201.286
Opening hours:
Sunday — Friday 11:00—19:00
Saturday closed


The Philharmonic „Banatul”, founded in 1947, a prestigious cultural institution, a carrier of local musical tradition, becomes a messenger of Timisoara’s culture, using, in this intercession, the common language of music. Events such as: The Musical Festival of Timisoara, The International Flute Contest, The Week of Sacred Music, are several testimonies of the cultural dimension of this institute.

2, C.D. Loga Boulevard
Tel: 0256 / 492.521

Ticket agency:
Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10:00 – 14:00
Tuesday, Thursday: 14:00 - 19:00
And one hour before every show. 


The National Theatre „Mihai Eminescu” Timişoara, built in 1947, became a mark of the local cultural life, by the rich repertoire and the notorious names that performed on this stage. This institution enjoys a high number of participants at the shows  proposed, through the Romanian Dramaturgy Festival, the Theatre hence manages to approach  the Romanian dramaturgy values, encouraging the Romanian and international dramaturgy creation.


2, Mărăşeşti Str.

Ticket agency Mărăşeşti:
Tel: 0256 / 201.117
Opening hours:
Tuesday — Sunday, 11:00—19:00

Ticket agency Sala 2 (Parcul Civic)
Opening hours:
Tuesday — Sunday, 11:00—19:00 

The Hungarian State Theatre „Csiky Gergely” Timişoara , founded in 1953, as a way to express the Hungarian minority culture. The Hungarian Theatre becomes a more and more dynamic institution, being involved, together with The City Hall Timisoara, within ample socio-cultural activities. The plays are translated into Romanian  at headphones.

Str. Alba Iulia, nr. 2

Ticket agency:
2,  Alba Iulia St.
Tel: 0356 / 450.606
Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 16:00 -19:00
And one hour before every show.
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The German State Theatre Timişoara, has been functioning as a theatre since 1953 , being the carrier of the theatre tradition in the German language. Its cultural offer known locally, regionally and internationally, meets not only the cultural needs of German minorities, but also of the admirers’ of German culture and civilisation. The plays are translated into Romanian at headphones.



2,  Mărăşeşti St. 
Tel. 0256 / 201291

Ticket agency:
2,  Alba Iulia St.
Tel: 0256 / 435743
 Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday :  10:00 -15:00, 17:00 - 19:00
                           Saturnday: 10:00 -15:00
                           And one hour before every show. 



The Children and Youth’s Theatre “Merlin”,  the former Puppet Theatre addresses to the young spectators. The theatre enjoys a numerous audience that have to be drawn to the cultural act, raised and educated in the spirit of beauty.

teatru papusi-small



3, Regele Carol I Boulevard
Tel: 0256 / 493.049




The Culture House of the Municipality of Timisoara  

casa cult-smallhas a special place in the culture of the city. Artistic amateur bands such as Timis Band have brought fame for these lands, gaining prestige for their activity as well as for the city of Timisoara. The Culture House of Timisoara organizes annually the  „Hearts Festival”, which rejoices over the presence of folklore bands from Europe and from the entire world, offering the audience the possibility to get into contact with folklore traditions of the participant countries.


2, Miron Costin St.
Tel: 0256 / 498.214




The Association "Timisoara - European Capital of Culture" 

logo-engleza-1In 2011 the Association "Timisoara - European Capital of Culture" was founded in Timisoara, in order to aim  the preparation and support for the application for the title of European Capital of Culture in 2021. Members of the Association are NGOs, local government and regional cultural institutions, representatives of economic, academic and cultural. Timisoara was awarded with the title European Capital of Culture in 2021.

              Adress: 1, C.D.Loga Boulevard


The Directorate for Culture, Cults and National Patrimony of the Timis County

directie culturaaccomplishes diverse programs and cultural projects.



8, Augustin Pacha  St.
Tel: 0256 / 493.659, 0256 / 493.661


The French Institute Timisoara  

46, C.D. Loga Boulevard
Tel: 0256 / 490.544


The German Cultural Centre Timisoara

1, Liviu Gabor St.
Tel: 0256 / 407.058

The Cultural Centres of France and Germany in Timisoara reveal a sign of its openness to Europe. The cultural projects that it develops, promotes on the one hand the language and the culture of the countries represented, and on the other hand supports the international cultural cooperation through the events organized (concerts, exhibitions, book releases etc )


The Intercultural Institute Timisoara
Founded in 1992, it is an autonomous institution, expression of the civil society, with a cultural, civic, scientific activity that accepts and promotes the values and the principles of the European Council. By the programs and activities, it aims development, the intercultural dimensions in the education and culture fields. It also emphasizes the promotion of tolerance and interethnic communication.


8, 16 Decembrie 1989 Boulevard 
Tel/fax: 0256 498457, 0256 203942



teatru stud-small

Students House of Culture


9, Regele Carol Boulevard
Tel: 0256 / 496.711

Thespis Students Theatre



The Center of Culture and Art of the Timiş County

arta pop-small



1, Emanoil Ungureanu St.
Tel. 0256 / 435.158



Auăleu Theatre

5, B.P. Haşdeu St. 


The Rubin Foundation is a non-governmental organization which has been developing cultural projects since 2001, aiming to promote contemporary art and sustain young artists, promoting the cultural heritage and developing training programmes for the cultural sector. The foundation organizes annually  the AccesArt Festival,  the Urban Pastel Art Camp – Timişoara, the Rubin-Dubova Art Camp and the programme “Art on the Street”.

accesart-2011-06-04 18-28-08_642-small



Piaţa Unirii nr. 8
Phone:  0356 442 770
Mobile: 0724 300 859



Noua Acropolă (New Acropolis) is an international organization of a philosophical, cultural and social nature and it is present in Timișoara since 2005. It is the organizer of  the cultural events Cultural Week, Philosophy Days, Volunteering Week.
New Acropolis promotes a practical philosophy which helps human being to know himself better, to master his own life and to harmonize himself with others and with the world, due to noble principles.
The New Acropolis activities containe philosophy and psychology courses, conferences, philosophical lectures, workshops (painting on bas-reliefs, Ikebana, Origami, Mandala and Tea Ceremony), theatre, and ecologic and socio-humanitary volunteering.

noua acropola-small1




Address: 5 Timotei Cipariu St., Ap. 2
Tel. 0256.433151, 0744.635490
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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