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Politics and Society in central and south-eastern Europe
29.10.2015 10.00 h
Bastionul Theresia - Timişoara
Muzeul National al Banatului


afis 29 oct 2015Politics and society in central and south-eastern Europe (13th-16th centuries)

International Conference held on the occasion of marking 700 Years from Charles Robert of Anjou's residence setting in Temesvar

Conference Programme

October 29, 2015

Location: Timiş County Council, Revoluţiei din 1989 Blvd., No.17.


10,00- 10,30 Opening conference

10,30- 11,30 Plenary Session


        ●  Prof. Dr. István Petrovics (Department of Medieval and Early Modern Hungarian History; University of Szeged, Szeged, Hungary).Towns and Central Places in the Danube-Tisza-Maros Region in the Middle Ages.




Location: Banat Museum, Martin Luther Str., No.4.

Session 1:

Towns and residences in Medieval Hungary.  12,30 – 13,30

Moderator: Aleksandar Krstić; Secretary: Livia Magina

  1. Royal residences - Royal Meetings in Medieval HungaryBalázs Nagy (Eötvös Loránd University, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary).
  2. Built in Stone? Townscape and Urban Community in Hungary in the Angevin Period – Katalin Szende (Eötvös Loránd University, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary).
  3. The roles and loyalties of the high clergy in Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia during the fourteenth century succession crisis in Kingdom of Hungary – Mišo Petrović (Central European University, Budapest, Hungary).


Session 2:

Administering justice and territory. 13,30-14,30

Moderator: István Petrovics; Secretary: Mišo Petrović    

  1. The Noble County of Krassó (Caraş) during the 14th and the 15th centuries – Elek Szaszkó (Karinthy Frigyes Bilingual Secondary School, Hungary).
  2. The General Assembly from Temeswar (1397) – Iusztin Zoltan (Banat Museum, Timişoara, Romania).
  3. Owing Council, Advice and Aid: Slavonian Noblemen at the Court of King Louis I of Anjou (1342-1382) – Suzana Miljan (Institute of Historical and Social Sciences Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts ), Vedran Klaužer (Croatian Institute of History, Croatia).
  4. Discussions on feminine presences at the Banat County Seats (14th c. – first half of 15th century) – Ligia Boldea (Museum of the Highland Banat, Reşiţa, Romania).


Session 3:

Kings, nobles and politics.  15,30-16,30

Moderator: Balázs Nagy; Secretary: Neven Isailović

  1. The road to the throne. Charles I’s and Sigismund of Luxemburg’s fight for the throne of Hungary - János Incze (Eötvös Loránd University, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary).
  2. A Rival of Charles Robert of Anjou: King Vladislav II Nemanjić – Aleksandar Krstić (The Institute of History, Belgrade, Serbia).
  3. Loyalty and power: retainers in the struggles of the oligarchs and the king in medieval Slavonia 1301-1342 – Antun Nekić (University of Zadar, Croatia).
  4. Ugrin Csák and his role in the history of medieval Southern Hungary – Boris Stojkovski (University of Novi Sad, Serbia), Goran Đurđević (independent researcher, Pozega, Croatia).


Session 4:

People and Society.  16,30–17,30 

Moderator: Katalin Szende; Secretary: Antun Nekić

  1. Foreigners in Service of Despot Đurađ Branković on Serbian territory – Мiloš Ivanović (The Institute of History Belgrade, Serbia).
  2. Living by the Border – Marcher Lords in the Late Medieval Balkans - Neven Isailović (The Institute of History, Belgrade).
  3. Important figures in 15th century Banat – Ioan Haţegan (The Institute of Socio Human Research, Romanian Academy, Timişoara, Romania).
  4. In litteris vestris rescribatis. Private correspondence in medieval Banat – Livia Magina (Museum of the Highland Banat, Reşiţa, Romania).


Session 5:

Men in arms in 15th-16th centuries.  18,00 –19,00

Moderator: Suzana Miljan; Secretary: Elek Szaszkó

  1. The Carpathian Defensive System of the Hungarian Realm at the End of the 1320s Alexandru Simon (The Center for Transylvanian Studies, Romanian Academy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania). 
  2. Notes on the campaign of Vladislav Varnenchik in Northeast Bulgaria in the autumn of 1444 – Nevyan Mitev (Park-museum “Vladislav Varnenchik”, Varna, Bulgaria)
  3. Living in fear. The Ottoman threat and its consequences in medieval Banat – Adrian Magina (Museum of the Highland Banat Reşiţa, Romania).
  4. The military hierarchy in the Transylvanian principality (second half of the sixteenth century). The captain general Florin Nicolae Ardelean (Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania).

19,00 Closing Conference



Location: Banat Museum, Martin Luther Str., No.4.

Session 1:

Ecclesiastic and funerary archaeology.  12,30-13,30

Moderator: Peter Szőcs; Secretary: Kopeczny Zsuzsanna

  1. Reconstruction or/and Destruction. The Effect of the Mongol Invasion on Ecclesiastic Architecture in Transylvania – Maria Crîngaci Ţiplic (The Institute of Socio Human Research, Sibiu, Romania).
  2. From Basilicas to Rotundas – a brief analysis of the archaeological researches at Alba Iulia, Orăştie, Geoagiu and Sibiu – Ioan Marian Ţiplic (”Lucian Blaga” University, Sibiu, Romania).
  3. Opinions on the cemetery around the Rotunda from Ilidia. Completion to the Medieval Funeral Archeology - Dumitru Ţeicu ( Highlands Banat Museum, Reşiţa, Romania)


Session 2:

Temeswar/Timişoara: From Carol Robert of Anjou to the Ottoman period.  13,30–14,30                                                                                                     

Moderator: Dumitru Ţeicu; Secretary: Maria Crîngaci Ţiplic

  1. The currency reform during the reign of Carol Robert of Anjou as reflected by archaeological findings – Monica Dejan (Bucovina Museum, Suceava, Romania).
  2. The Medieval Royal Residence from Timişoara Zsuzsanna Kopeczny (Banat Museum Timişoara, Romania).
  3. About the Medieval Dwelling from Liberty Square, Timişoara, discovered during the archaeological excavations from 2013-2014 – Craiovan Bogdan (West University Timisoara, Romania).
  4. Fountains and wells of Ottoman period discovered in Palanca Mare (Temesvar /Timişoara) – Alexandru Szentmiklosi (Banat Museum Timişoara, Romania).


Session 3:

Castles, Donjons and Towns.   15,30–16,30

Moderator: Ioan Marian Ţiplic; Secretary: Călin Timoc

  1. Some comments on the remodeling of the fortification of Caraşova-Grad (Caraş-Severin County) – Silviu Oţa (National Museum of History, Bucureşti, Romania), Liana Oţa (Institute of Archaeology „Vasile Pârvan”, Bucureşti, Romania).
  2. Material culture of urban dwellings from Satu Mare, 14th and 15th centuries – Peter Szőcs (The County Museum of Statu Mare, Romania).
  3. Preliminary data about Medieval Ciacova (Timiş County) – Alexandru Rădulescu (Independent researcher, Timişoara, Romania).


Session 4:

The Banat and the Romanian Countries.

Material culture and landscape archeology.   16,30 – 17,30

Moderator: Silviu Oţa; Secretary: Monica Dejan

  1. The Medieval earthen fortifications from NW Romanian Banat, in landscape archeology context - Micle Dorel (West University Timişoara, Romania).
  2. Medieval Roads in Banat. (Routes and Names) - Călin Timoc (Banat Museum Timişoara, Romania).
  3. Early Ottoman pottery in Romanian Countries (end of the 15th c. – mid. 16th century) - Niculina Dinu (Brăila Museum, Brăila, Romania).

18:30 Closing Conference



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