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Mitropolitan Cathedral The Orthodox Mitropolitan Cathedral is one of the largest churches in Romania. It can be seen from distance when one comes closer to the city and often it represents the symbol of Timişoara. The cathedral is remarkable through its style, its through and its 11 towers, coverd with enameled ceramics, as well as through the harmony of its bells.
Victoriei Square Situated at the heart of Timişoara, surrounded by imposing  palaces built in the arhitectural style of the 1900s, by the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral and the Cultural Palace, Victoriei Square is one of the main places in Timişoara.
Unirii Square Unirii Square hosts some of the most valuable monuments of Timişoara. The Baroque Palace, The Catholic Dome, The Serbian Orthodox Cathedral and the Monument of the Holy Trinity are only a few of the tourist sights that can be admired here. During summer the square hosts several cultural events.
Catholic Dome The Dome represents the most important baroque monument in Banat. It is the church of the  Roman-Catholic  Bishopric, the religious services are in Romanian, German and Hungarian. Due to its good acoustics remarkable organ concerts are organised here. The organ was built in the Wegenstein workshops in Timişoara.

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Cultural events in Timişoara

festival-d-small   The city has a rich cultural agenda, filled with music, theatre
   and film festivals, exhibitions, with numerous open-air and
   street-art events. The cultural landscape of Timişoara is also
   complemented by museums and art galleries. Timişoara will be
   European Capital of Culture in 2023.

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Timişoara's Firsts


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Timisoara is well known as a city of premiers, by excellence a city of TECHNICAL PREMIERS.

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Timisoara's Firsts





Timişoara - History and urban development


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A short history of the urban and architectural evolution of Timisoara, from the ancient times until today, reflected in the mix of history, art and culture. 


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History and urban development

Spotlight- Heritage Timisoara

Flip Album - Old Timisoara  





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