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timpark verde 2Car parking in Timisoara is regulated by the TIMPARK parking system.
In some areas of the city (delimited by TIMPARK signs), parking is with payment, in the rest of the areas parking is free.

The TIMPARK signs are visibly located in the areas of application of the TIMPARK parking system and are of following colors:
- green - for the downtown  area,
- red - for the central area,
- yellow for the median area and
- blue for the peripheral area:









The areas where the TIMPARK system is applied, can be seen below:
- By street  name:
- On the city map:

Exceptions are the parking places where access is private or controlled by barriers and underground car parks, whose operating regime is established on a case-by-case basis.

Till 2019 foreign tourists were not obliged to pay for parking in the TIMPARK system but starting with 2020 they have to pay if they park in Timişoara in places marked with TIMPARK signs, according to HCL 577/2019.

TIMPARK Schedule:
                     - Monday - Friday: - between 08.00 and 17.00 - for a fee,
                                                 - between 17.00 and 8.00 - free of charge;
                     - Saturday and Sunday - free of charge.

Payment of TIMPARK parking can be made with mobile phone (SMS, BIP, TPark App or with a voucher bought in advance).

         Pay parking by SMS  
In the case of parking by SMS, the parking time is charged per hour.
Please send a SMS to one of the following numbers (depending of the area you park)
 sms timpark

Green area
Red area


Yellow area

Blue area        

For the whole day

       TM01ABC must be replaced with the registration number of the car to be parked

         Parking with Bip (paying from a voucher bought in advance):

For BIP parking, your parking time is charged per minute.
Buy from newspaper kiosks and RATT ticket points a voucher (of 10 or 30 lei) such as:

vouchere timpark









The parking mode with BIP:

            1. REGISTRATION
Registration is required for the system to associate your mobile phone number with your car  number.
To register in the TIMPARK parking system, just send an SMS to 1210 as:
TM CONT TM01ABC (your car's number)
The rate for 1210 is 0.15 euro + VAT.
After registration you will receive a confirmation SMS.             

            2. LOADING THE CREDIT
Please send an SMS to 1210 with your voucher number in the format:
TM loads 5844592021751455778
From now on, you can use your mobile phone to mark the start or end of parking in TIMPARK parking areas. You also have an online account at where you can watch the way you have been charged.
The account is accessed with an identifier that is your phone number and a password that is communicated at your registration or on demand.          

To mark the start of your parking lot, simply give a BIP to one of the following phone numbers, corresponding to the area where you parked.
From the moment you give the BIP, you begin counting and charging.
It is obligatory to hear that the call is being made, the busy sound indicates the impossibility to perform the desired transaction.

       Parking rates via BIP:

timpark bip


Green area


Red area


Yellow area


Blue area

Ending of parking

      To mark the end of your parking, you will give a BIP at 0356-710141.

• The voucher is bought from newspaper kiosks, bookstores, RATT kiodsks:
• Lack of SMS response means not paying parking.
• 15 free minutes / day, once at the first park (BIP) at the area-specific phone number.
• After 15 minutes of free parking, the minute charge from the existing credit will be charged at the parking rate.
• Warning: Ending parking must be marked by making an unsettled call (BIP) at 0356.710.141
• Between the parking start BIP and the Stop BIP, the controllers confirm that you have paid the parking and will not be fined.
• If you forget to give the Stop BIP, parking will end automatically at 17:00, with a maximum of 10 lei.
• You will not be charged if you accidentally give the BIP on Saturdays or on Sundays or outside the 8: 00-17: 00 hours.

For more details please look on:

 Pay parking with the Tpark App

You can download for free the Tpark App and use it for parking in differend cities in Romania.
In Timişoara you can use it for both Timpark systems (SMS and BIP).



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