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Bike rental

biciclete1-smUsing bikes in the VeloTM system

Over 400 bicycles serve the public transport in Timisoara (STPT).

Currently, due to weather conditions, in the S.T.P.T. within the municipality, 170 bicycles are available. When the weather improves, all bicycles will be up and running.

The bike rental in the VeloTM system is free of charge, based on obtaining an electronic card from two S.T.P.T. offices and a PIN code, confidential, sent by e-mail to the future user (we recommend obtaining the card at least 24 hours before picking up the bike).

You can get cards at the following STPT offices:
- 83, Take Ionescu Boulevard (open Monday-Friday between 6-21:30, Saturday between 10-18,
- Piaţa 700, (open Monday-Sunday between 6-21:30)

You need an identity card for registration. It is also important to have an active email address. At this e-mail address you will receive the PIN NUMBER, necessary for you to rent a bike.

The bikes are placed close to the STPT stations.
Each station displays the rules for bike rental.

Procedure to rent the bike:
1- press “Ridicare bicicleta” (“Take a bike”)
2- put the card close to the TOTEM,
3- wait till your card number appears on the bike display,
4- enter the PIN NUMBER (which you have received on your e-mail),
5- go to one of the bikes,
6- put your card close to the screen, on the right side of the bike you want to take,
7- wait till the LED light changes from green to orange,
8- drag the bike from the bike support.

You can use the bicycle up to one hour.
The bike can be returned to any station.

Procedure when you return the bike:
1- place your card close to a bike display,
2- introduce the bike,
3- wait till the LED color becomes green,
4- check if the bike is secured.

If you have problems, and the system "refuses" the bike, please call the RATT, at the telephone number 0356-803 716.

More details:

STPT locations for the bike VeloTM System:
- Piaţa Libertăţii 
- Piaţa 700 
- Catedrala Mitropolitana
- Piaţa Mărăşti 
- Badea Cârţan 
- Complexul Studenţesc 
- Calea Şagului la PROFI 
- Divizia 9 Cavalerie – Calea Lipovei 
- Calea Aradului – Liege 
- Grozăvescu – Poşta Mare 
- Sala Olimpia 
- Calea Şagului  
- Spitalul Judetean  
- AEM 
- Iulius Mall



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