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3D-Map of the City Center


 Tourist attractions:

  1. Libertăţii Square

  2. Makri House

  3. Garrison Command

  4. St. Mary and St. Nepomuk Monument

  5. Old City Hall

  6. The “Military Casino”

  7. Public Hospital

  8. Former Church of the Misericordian Monks’

  9. Synagogue in the Cetate District

10. Eugen of Savoy’s Gateway House

11. The Palace of the Jewish Community 

12. Nikolaus Lenau High School

13. “The Revolution Memorial” (today on Oituz street)

14. Serbian Orthodox Episcopal Church

15. Serbian Orthodox Bishopric

16. Former House of the Orthodox Community (in the Cetate District)

17. Former Discount Bank

18. Solderer House

19. Unirii Square

20. Holy Trinity Monument

21. Former Inn “La Cei Şapte Principi Electori” 

22. Canons Houses

23. Catholic Cathedral – The Dome

24. Baroque Palace

25. Salamon Brück House

26. Dicasterial Palace

27. Lutheran Evangelical Church

28. Theresia Bastion

29. National Bank of Romania

30. Post Office Palace

31. Prefecture

32. Faculty of Medicine

33. Kimmel Villa

34. “Carmen Sylva” Pedagogic High School

35. Ciobanu Palace

36. Civic Park

37. Mercy Palace

38. Deschan Palace or Scherter House

39. “The House with the Iron Tree”

40. Roman Catholic Episcopal Palace

41. “La Trompetist”

42. Timiş County Department of Culture

43. Emmer Palace

44. St. Gheorghe Square

45. Former General Headquarters Casern

46. The former Inferior Salvatorian Franciscan Church, 

47. Former "Sisters of Notre Dame" Monastery and School

48. Huniade Castle

49. Street lamp reminding that in 1884 Timişoara became
      the first European city with electric lighted streets

50. Victoriei Square

51. Palace of Culture houses the Romanian Opera Timişoara and three theaters:
      “Mihai Eminescu” National Theater, the Hungarian State Theater “Csiky Gergely” and
      the German State Theater

52. Löffler Palace

53. Timişoara Hotel

54. Weiss Palace

55. Lloyd Palace

56. Neuhausz Palace

57. Merbl Palace

58. Dauerbach Palace

59. Monuments in Victoriei Square

60. Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral

61. Piarist Complex

62. “Banatul” State Philharmonic

63. City Hall

64. Roses Park

65. Bega Canal

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