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The Serbian Community House

casa comunitatii ortodoxe din cetate smallCurrent name

The Cetate Serbian Community House


5 Unirii Square


In 1786, there was a small building on this site.

It was built-up sometime after 1812 and before 1828, probably in 1821; the current building belonged to the Orthodox Community.

Names and historical functions

1823 – the Orthodox school operated here.

1847 – is mentioned as the “New Illyrian House”, with a wine cellar and stores on the ground floor.

1853 – nine shops

1865 – the building remains in the Serbian community’s possession.

Currently, some areas of the building are leased to businesses and are office buildings.

Architectural style, movement

The building is done in the Classicist style, typical of the early nineteenth century, with some Baroque influences, such as the double Doric semicolumns, which set out the entrance portal. The “full center” arches, typical to the Classicist style, covering the openings on the ground floor, three on the left and three on the right side of the building, are singled out.

In 1983, architect Serban Sturdza sets out the building’s axis of symmetry at the roof level with a fronton with undulations typical to the Baroque style, a fronton which never existed there previously.

Restored – 2008.

Other information

Important companies and personalities in Timişoara have had their headquarters here.

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