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Former inn “La cei Şapte Principi Electori”

lenau mic-smallCurrent name
"Little" Lenau High School

7 Unirii Square


1752 – the first house existing here, with a ground and a first floor, belonged to master baker Leopold Kayser.

Former names and historical functions

1828 – owner Andrei Constandinovici (Andreas Constadinovich).

1854 – Anton’s Tailory

In the 19th century – the famous inn and café “La cei Şapte Principi Electori” (“The Seven Electors”).

Around the 1900s – Bristol Hotel

In the 20th century it housed various businesses, editorial offices.

From 1960, the building was given to High School No. 2, today named Nikolaus Lenau High School

Architectural style

Initially, Austrian Baroque, it was rebuilt in the 1900s style, szeceszió movement.

During the mid-twentieth century, its ornaments were removed.

In 1995 and 1996, the today façades are made in a simplified historicist style by architect Lucia Pfaff.

Legends, stories

The older days flavor and picturesque atmosphere of the famous inn “The Seven Electors” has been rendered in several novels and stories.

Since 1970, the German instruction high school was named Nikolaus Lenau High School in honor of the great German poet born in Ciatad, today Lenauheim village, in Banat.



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