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Garrison Command

generalat-smAdress: 5 Libertăţii Square

Dating, names and historical functions
In 1727 it already appears on the city plans. It is called “the New Generalate”.
If the building was already plastered on the inside, it means that the count of Mercy lived here since 1727.

In 1752, on the front side facing the square it had two stories and an apartment in the attic. On the detailed plans from that time a house with a floor and attic appears.Downstairs there were the kitchen, the stables, and rooms for servants and orderlies. On the first floor there were rooms, the representation and archive spaces.The attic had rooms and repositories.

On the roof, the three spans marking the ground floor entrance were set out by a triangular fronton. It also appears on the prints after 1853. The attic however was no longer there, perhaps as a result of damages made during the siege in 1849 (the roof may have burned during the artillery bombardments).

On the 1880 to 1900 photos, the storey fronton no longer appears. Instead three arches are built on the ground floor (at the entrance, and on its right and left sides), on which a terrace is build at the first floor.

Today, only the middle arch, by which one can enter the building, is preserved. The other two, on the right and left, have been closed.

Architectural style

Initially, it was made in the Baroque style. It still preserves on the Alba Iulia St. façade some Baroque elements on the window frames.

Uniqueness aspects

This building is the oldest building in town which retains to this day, largely, the initial volumetry. In fact, the oldest building in town is the castle, the present-day Banat Museum. But its current appearance, what is visible today, dates to 1856!

Inside there is a collection, which can be visited on request - the military traditions hall

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