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The Former State High School for Girls

liceul carmen sylva smallCurrent name
“Carmen Silva” Pedagogic High School

45 C.D. Loga Bd.

Architect Lipot (Leopold) Baumhorn,
associate architect Jakob Klein,
builder Karl Hart.

Building permit April 3, 1902, completed in 1903.

Architectural style

1900s style, using Gothic English visual language elements – in the manner used during Queen Victoria reign. The neo-Gothic and neo-Roman elements are defining for the building; at a closer look one can notice also quite a few elements of “1900s architecture”, such as women masks.

The body of the building with the main entrance is very beautiful (facing C.D. Loga Bd.), although the entire complex (with clearly separate buildings) has a uniform artistic treatment.

Some of the interiors are beautiful, especially the stairways.


The entire C.D. Loga Boulevard emerged after 1900, on the free land resulted after the defortification (the demolition of the defense system, practically of the city walls).

The opportunity to have so much free land in a central area was used properly by the city administration; mayor at that time was Karl (Carol) Telbisz. Much of the resulting space was used for raising new and modern schools. This is particularly true for space resulted between the Cetate and Fabric districts (i.e. east of the historic center).

On C.D. Loga Bd., going towards Victoriei Square, one can also see dozens of residential villas (residential area) emerged in the interwar period; most belong to Cubism, but there are some successful examples of neo-Romanian architecture and even some Secession or eclectic-historicist influenced buildings.


The access on C.D. Loga Bd. can be done either from the Prefecture, or from Victoriei Square. Access via public transportation is most easily made from the Prefecture (a stop with many tram lines, all connecting with the ultra-central area – Libertăţii Square) or from Michelangelo Bd. (the bus and trolleybus stations are behind the Post Office and the National Bank).

This mixed operation area (residential houses and schools) does not have a lot of traffic, especially on side streets; there are many gardens and parks, a lot of vegetation and shade.
Therefore, the ideal way to visit the area is by bike.



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