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Nikolaus Lenau High School

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Nikolaus Lenau High School


2 Gheorghe Lazăr St.

History, functions

1879 – High School

1953 – the “Mixed Secondary School No. 2 with instruction in the German language” moved from the premises of the Nikos Beloiannis Street (today Loga High School) in the building on Gheorghe Lazăr St.

1957 – the Mixed Secondary School No. 2 received the name of “Nikolaus Lenau”.

1960 – instruction in Romanian and Hungarian was also instituted and the school was given the name High School No. 2.

February 1970 – The school is once again called the “Nikolaus Lenau High School”.

Architectural style

Eclectic Classicist style. The fronton, which sets out the entry axis at the roof level, is Neo-Baroque.

Engineer Heinrich Baader, architect?, and builder Johann Reiber

Other information

Between 1759 and 1765, on exactly the same site the “Rascian City Hall” was built, the Orthodox Community in Timişoara City Hall. The city hall already functioned in that building in 1761. The building, whose plans are maintained, had the gate and windows positioned in exactly the same place as the current gate and windows, but had only one floor.

From 1780 (when the two city halls unite), the old building housed only the theater in Timişoara. In 1790 the first floor ceremony room is enlarged to serve the theatrical performances.

Only in 1875 the theater moved to the current building, in Victoriei Square.

Since the late nineteenth century until 1918, secondary education was made only in Hungarian. In 1919, the Romanian government organized education also in the languages of the nationalities, resuming in Timisoara a tradition that existed prior to 1876, namely it existed at the time of the Austrian rule.

In the old existing theater (“redoubt”) a younger Johann Strauss also performed in November 1847. At his second coming in Timisoara in July 1874, it seems that the hall was not available (the new theater was expected to be opening soon, and on Gheorghe Lazăr Street the High School was being built instead of the old theater), so that the three “musical evenings” took place in the Fabric district.


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