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Deschan Palace

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5 Proclamaţia de la Timişoara St.


Starts to be build around 1735 (in 1734 it still did not exist).

In 1752, it belonged to Hungarian Aulic Chamber counselor von Deschan (de Jean), which was probably also the house’s original commissioner.

In 1802 (or 1810 according to other sources), the body of the house on the south side, with the main entrance, is rebuilt.

In 1828, it belonged to Georg Mancziarly (Manzsarly on other documents).

Architectural style

The north, east and west sides retain the original volumetry, with two levels, typical for urban constructions of the provincial Austrian Baroque. It was one of the largest private buildings of the eighteenth century.

The body facing Proclamaţia de la Timisoara St. was rebuilt in a Classicist style.

The ground floor functions in plastic terms as a base for the “colonnade” made of four semicolumns belonging to the “colossal” Corinthian  order (i.e. on 2 levels, at the 1st and 2nd floors) and for the pilasters, also “colossal” Corinthian, including those on the main façade, and those on the sides of the building.

Other information

The house has functioned since 1843 as the first casino in Timişoara.

In the interwar period of the past century, the building was named after the then owner, Scherter House.

In front of this house, the “plague monument” was originally installed (the Holy Trinity statue, currently in Unirii Square).

Anton Deschan von Hansen lost his first wife in the plague epidemic of 1737-1738. He ordered the Holy Trinity Statue (the plague monument) in Vienna in her memory. After arriving in Timişoara, the column was placed in 1740 in front of his house for 12 years, later being moved to Unirii Square in the place it has to this day.


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