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Neptun Palace

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Situated on 1 Nistrului St., having a building authorization from March 3, 1912, architect László Székely, the palace  was finished in 1914.

Passing the bridge, the exquisite building of the Neptun Palace attracts one’s eye, named like this because it long housed a large public bath, which was provided with a swimming pool (Neptun Bath, Hungária Fürdő). Originally the building also had to accommodate a large café, but the idea was dropped.

Neptun Palace, as well as other works done by architect Székely, has the building composition dominated by the roofs’ large playful volumes. Since 1903, Székely was the city’s chief architect. From Timişoara’s architects of that period, Székely is the one who designed most of the buildings.

Neptun Palace’s main façade, oriented towards the bridge, is dominated by a large fronton with wavy shapes. On the fronton, enframed by a geometrically-shaped wreath decoration corresponding to the last phase of 1900s architecture, the szeceszió movement, one can see the architect’s initials L S. The building was not only designed by, but also belonged to the architect. The side façades, rhythmically adorned with Doric semi-columns on two levels (on the 1st and 2nd floors), are supported on consoles, a typical license for the 1900s architecture, which no longer met the strict rules of the Classicist orders. Under the main façade’s great fronton, the windows are framed with Ionic pilasters with flat capitals, a decorative motif that will mark all of architect Székely’s subsequent creations, especially the ones after the First World War.


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