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"Sf. Gheorghe" Orthodox Church

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The „Sf. Gheorghe Orthodox Church,  known today as the Fabric Serbian Church, is situated in 5 Traian Square.

It was  built between 1745 and 1755, the tower was raised with the October 16, 1890 building authorization.

The original church probably had the austere forms of the provincial Austrian Baroque. The present-say building is set out by the Classicist style, developed in Timişoara after the year 1800. The tower, in a Classicist eclectic style, was raised, because, in the mean time, there had appeared one-storey high buildings and the shorter old tower no longer dominated from a visual standpoint the square.

The northern side gate, decorated in a Classicist style, is interesting, as well as the crosses in the yard behind the church.

The triangular frontons, which set out the top of the main façade to the square, lateral unto the central tower, have triangular shapes specific to the Classicist architecture, but their sides are discontinuous on the right and left side of the ridge, a discontinuity specific to Baroque compositions.

Nearby, on 1 Ion Mihalache St., is the Serbian Communitz House in Fabric, which was built in 1894. This building is made in an eclectic Classicist style, similar to the Second Empire movement, specific to the second half of the nineteenth century.


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