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The Banat Village Museum

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1 Avram Imbroane Street
Phone:  +40 256 225588
Fax: +40 356 780680
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      Summer:       Tuesday-Saturday   10 - 18
  (16.03-15.11)         Sunday             12 - 20

       Winter:        Tuesday - Saturday   9 - 17
  (16.11-15.03)         Sunday             10 - 18

The ticket price - 5 lei.
Pupils, students and pensioners - free of charge.

In the north-east of the city, not far from the road leading to the airport, is Padure Verde-The Green Forest.

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On the outskirts of the forest, on a 17 hectares area, lies the Banat Village Museum. Its foundation is due to persistence of Ioachim Miloia, an important cultural personality of the interwar Banat. The Transylvanian poet Lucian Blaga noted admiringly that “Banat is the Romanian ethnography Baroque”. The richness and diversity of rural civilization in the region had been noted ever since the eighteenth century by Western travelers. The collection of olden households and popular technique installations tries to objectively present the reasons for such assessments.

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The museum’s “core” is occupied by an interesting  reconstruction of a village civic center, with a town hall,a school, a “National House” and, of course, a pub.

The central piece is the wooden church. 
Like all museum exhibits, it too was once a “live” object: a true parochial church, with an interesting history. Built in 1746 in Remetea Luncă, by 1807 it was already moved to the neighboring village of Topla, and from there it was brought to the museum in 1987; practically, it is now the oldest church in Timişoara.

Other wooden churches of Banat can be seen in about 20 villages of Banat, mostly in the Făget and Lugoj regions.

Multiculturalism is one of the major features of the Banat. The museum hosts typical houses of Germans, Hungarians, Slovaks and Ukrainians from the Banat, and in preparation there are a Serbian house and Roma house.

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