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The House with the Beautiful Gate

poarta frum-smAlso knows as Emil Szilárd's House, it is situated on the former Caraiman Street, today Henry Berthelot St., at number 2.
The building authorization is from September 5, 1904, and the housing authorization from July 21, 1905.

The architect was László Syékely, and engineer - Emil Szilárd.

Emil Szilárd was chief engineer of the city of Timisoara. He has coordinated and led the most important projects related to urban development: the city’s urban development plan, the tracing and execution of the new channel Bega through Fabric, numerous public buildings, boulevards and streets projects. For his merits, he was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Franz Josef in 1908.

Between the nowadays T. Vladimirescu, Doja and Plevna Square streets, a blocks of houses was built, which could be a second “reservation of 1900s architecture”, rivaling, and even surpassing in appearance the area of 3 August 1919 Boulevard in Fabric district.

“The House with the Beautiful Gate” was built in the 1900s style, the szeceszió movement.
The gateway into the house’s courtyard is remarkable. The original pillars which initially supported the iron work no longer exist.

The gate’s iron work is considered by scholars to be perhaps the most remarkable achievement in the art of metal processing in the 1900s-style, the Art Nouveau movement in Timisoara.

Some authors have compared the gate with a symphony in metal; others seem to even have perceived the “sound” of music of this crafted cascade. Some researchers consider that this gate surpasses in artistic value Emmer Palace’s gate from the Cetate district (7 Mercy St.).



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