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The palaces in Piata Mocioni/Mocioni Square

The BÉLA FIATSKA’S PALACES can be seen at 6 A Mocioni Square and on the corner to 1 I. H. Rădulescu St.
They have the
 building authorization from September 19, 1910, and the housing authorization from September 19, 1911.

On September 19, 1910, Bela Fiatska applied for an authorization to build the three joint “palaces”, each having two floors, on the plots that had their numbers in “Joseph Square” (Mocioni Square’s name at that time) at no. 14, 16 and at no. 3 on Emmaus Street (as Rădulescu Street was then called).
The upper floor windows of three buildings are at the same height, but each building is treated differently from a visual point of view. The appearance of the three buildings corresponds to the 1900s style, szeceszió movement.

The DAUERBACH PALACE is situated on 3 A Mocioni Square. Its building authorization is from March 15, 1910, and the housing authorization from December 22, 1910 – so the house was built in nine months!
It is a 1900s style building, szeceszió movement, valuable as an element in the overall architectural 1900s style.

The HART HOUSE is situated at 4 A. Mocioni Square, with the building authorization from March 18, 1901, and housing authorization from September 4, 1901.
The house was built in five months and a half, its architect was Karl Hart.
The building represents one of the few buildings in the eclectic Neo-Baroque style made in Timişoara after the year 1900. Unfortunately, the building is in an advanced state of ruin, quick rehabilitation actions being necessary.

The JAKOB FISCHER PALACE is situated at 5 A Mocioni Square.
Its building authorization is from March 15, 1910, and the housing authorization from October 25, 1910. – The house was built in seven months, its architect was Gabor Fodor.
The building’s appearance corresponds to the 1900s style, the szeceszió movement.
The facade is mensural, having pilasters on two levels.


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